After you think about the original hero The Green Hornet there’s no hesitation that visions of Bruce Lee as “Kato” approach to mind.

The reconstruct of the classic, feature Seth Rogan and Jay Chou, resolve be released on Blue-ray and Blue-ray 3D on May 3rd. A DVC combo pack resolve too be accessible on the release date, ensuring that everyone that wants a break at this movie will get one.

The Green Hornet

However the film wasn’t shot in 3D, a post-production change brought the newest craze in filmmaking to the mark. With 1080p video, an HD 5.1 Master Audio, and tons of features, this Blue-ray package offers much more than now the movie itself. Director commentary, a huge gag reel, and even recording of Jay Chou’s audition for the role of Kato highlight the extras.

Those look to snag the 3D version will also take pleasure in taking a look at storyboards that show how the film get from concept to the big screen. When it comes to typical movies, I’ve always loved seeing the storyboards, as it’s attractive to learn how shut they came to their desired finished product.