This tutorial is belonging to screen printing process. The screen printing requires much step to get output. The obtaining print is got after a long process. The applying emulsion needs to be dry, therefore we put the screen in front of sunlight or screen exposure box. It all depends on you to use which method you think easier for you. The average users adopt general method of exposing through sunlight. But if you are working in screen printing workshop, you will definitely have a screen exposing machine. In this case the screen is simply put in the exposing box; there is also timer along with this box which helps you to count minutes. Adjust the time for exposing and it will dry the screen in the required record time.

silkscreen-printMany changing are taking place every day in screen printing which has kept the screen printing at high level and people still want to learn it. The screen printing method is mostly used for T-shirt printing, school badge printing and pamphlet printing. Many modern screen printing presses are still using the traditional printing method from the screen printing. They create the basic sketch of the data and object in screen printing and later on print them out from other screen printing machines. The general method of printing provides you ease in earning their livelihood. You can also create the printing at home using screen printing method. The emulsion is applied on the screen to get the sketch of the object.

screen_printing_exposureIt is applied in such a way that ink covers all the area of screen. Place the stencil on the screen. The next step is to expose the screen, exposing of screen is must because the stencil will be copied only in this way. The screen exposing may be taken enough time for exposing, it all depends on the ink that you have applied on the screen. When the screen is exposed, it is washed to get the final result. Usually the water spray is used to wash out the emulsion from screen.

Apply a normal pressure of water with water spray in every corner of the screen. Continue this process until the content will be appeared. Wash out the screen to keep it in standing position. Now get the content on the required medium, e.g. plastic, wood etc. Don’t worry about the whole process time-taking, as much time you will work on the project; it will be become more beautiful. Another printing machine named as yudu is introduced recently. This machine is at screen size having all the qualities in just one single machine. It can do the entire task itself. You nothing needs to work with it.