This is a new silk screen printing video tutorial teaching you about how you can beautifully and lightly screen print your cards, fabrics and other stuff for art fun at home. This video will tell you the basic silk screen printing technique which you are apply sitting your desk.

Silk screen printing is basically a technique in which colors pass through holes of the silk or Polyethylene mesh on to the substrate which is being screen printed. Now the holes of the silk screen printing mesh are of specific pattern, a complete mesh does not allows all the ink to pass through the hole only some part of the hole is open which enables the passage of screen printing ink. Screen printing is traditional Chinese technique of designing repeatedly surfaces using a screen.

Traditional Chinese Technique

Screen printing has many names it known as Screen printing, Serigraphs, silk screening and silk printing etc. it was started in China for about 2000 B.C. In colonial age this method was brought to the west in Europe and America where further development in early 20 century were made and screen printing became the most popular way of the designing fabric, logos printing, labels printing, greeting cards printing and other sorts of cards printing etc.

 2000 B.C

Traditional screen printing included preparing of the stencil on the screen for screen printing using block out method and cut off method.

In the first type of screen printing screen stencil for screen printing was prepared by stretching the mesh on the screen and then using acrylic paint to block the holes of the screen where ink was not allowed to passed through so the design on the screen was in the form of the open holes which used to let the ink pass through and screen print the underlying substrate.

In the Second

Method of screen printing a design on hard paper or plastic paper was prepared then design area was cut off and leaving the negative design area, this negative was placed on the screen which was mesh stretched on the frame, then result were same design area’s holes were open and allow the ink to pass through them and screen print the substrate.

The same technique is here told in this video tutorial but you have to do nothing for this special. Watch this video of screen printing now.