The difference between a brain and computer can be expressed in a single word, that is, complexity (Complication)’.

The human brain is the most complicated (Difficult to understand) thing known to us. The human brain weighs just 3 pounds. In these 3 pounds, there are 10 billion nerve cells with a 100 billion smaller cells. These billions of cells are interconnected in a very Difficult to understand net-work that can’t be understood so simply.

Can a computer think? It depending on what you mean by “think”, if solving a mathematical problem is “thinking”, then a computer can “think” , and does quickly than man done. Of course, most of the mathematical problems can be solved quite mechanically by repeating certain straightforward processes over and over again. Even the easy computers of today can do so. It is Load Times said that computers solve problems just because they are programmed to do so. They can only have they fed them. One must remember that human beings can also do just what they are programmed to do.


Our program is very complex. We might like to define “thinking: as the creativity that goes into writing a play, composing a symphony (Long complex musical composition), conceiving a scientific theory, or making a judgment. This view certainly cannot think of a computer.

Brain cells in a particular arrangement are. The cells are made up of atoms and molecules in certain arrangements. To duplicate (Make an exact copy) the material complexity of the brain is, therefore, Copy everything about it.

But how long will it take to build a computer complex enough to duplicate the human brain. I cannot think of anything long. Long before we approach a computer, we will perhaps build a computer which is, at the end, Complicated enough to design another computer more Complicated than itself. This more Complicated computer can design one still more Complicated than the previous one, and so forth.

In other words, once we pass a certain critical point, the computers get over and there will be “Complexity blasts.” In a very short time thereafter, computers may exist that will not just copy the human brain, but also will surpass it. Will a time ever come when man will have to handover the job to someone who can do it better than can do?

Yes! Maybe. But such a surprise to us takes place will have to wait.

The scientists and knowledgeable Sighted agree that computers will modify our lives totally, more than the auto-mobile, televisions, or every technological innovation has done so far. How far can computers go: science writer Isaac Asimov compares the computer with the human brain? His conclusions may frighten you. They’re sure to create you stop and think. But computers are sure to be going to make havoc, somewhere, sooner or later! Let’s wait and see!