Islamic Urdu Nastaleeq Calligraphy is the most descriptive form of art. Muslims from all the regions of world gave new distinctive features to this art. In this regard when we discuss the contributions of artists from Sub continent, many great names are remembered by history. This legacy was well carried after partition and PAKISTANI artists gave new horizons to the world. e.g. ….. Are world famous . young blood at the moment is making great contribution and master pieces are being originated.

Mehr Muhammad Rasheed

Mehr Muhammad Rasheed a young Pakistani artist from a very under developed city Khushab has been gifted by God and is known for his versetality and greater sense of creativity. He introduced a new technique called Urdu Nastaleeq Jadeed , which is solely his attribute.

Many critiques don’t have good views about this form , but the point is that when nature loves evolution , then why not the art of calligraphy. New experiments must be continued , the most important thing is appropriate Apportionment and beauty lies in it. This is a great contribution from Rasheed , he challenged the old diction’sĀ and introduced a new style. May Allah him more strength and bestow him with best of his qualities.

Burhan e Rubb Urdu Nastaleeq

Buhan e Rubb Orginal

Buhan e Rubb Orginal

Ya Hayyo Qauoom in Nastaleeq

Ya Hayyo Qauoom in Nastaleeq

Original Pic

Allah - Muhammad in Nastaleeq

Allah - Muhammad Nastaleeq 2

Sir, Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal's Name calligraphy

Sir, Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal's Name calligraphy 2

Original Calligraphy