Mehr Rasheed is an artist, a brush painter, designer and master of eastern and western calligraphy. He is definitely putting soul into the letters of English and Urdu calligraphy. He was born at “Mithatiwana” Khushab.

His teacher Ustad Noor Hussain Angvi is a great man and great calligrapher of Urdu Nastaliq and all eastern handwritings. Ustad Noor Hussain is the director of “Zahid Art” Khushab now.

Mehr Rasheed started his journey to words,

The art of painting and calligraphy from his school life. He was a kid when he painted his school and drew the walls.

He is rapidly going ahead and traveling upward in his art. His brush is main thing in his art. When dips his brush into the paint. He thinks ………

“Painting is not a job, it is a pleasure”

He enjoys the colors. He wants to live always in rainbow. His brush jumps, smiles, and begins to paint as fluent as impossible. He just plays. He always draws without any rehearsal and makes the people astounds.

His work and style of work is unique and even he is living in Pakistan, he always thinks about England for the fulfillment of his taste.