How to Make a T-Shirt Design

Screen printing is the best method for printing T-shirt. The T-shirt that is printed through screen printing is mostly demanded by the customer. In business level, it is demanded and liked very much as compared to other mechanical printing. The screen printing helps you to print your shirt of your own choice. The screen printing is the one an only business that you can adopt it as your side home business with minimum investment and can earn in dollars.

The custom screen printing has its own importance and significance still in this age of advanced machinery. It is very flexible field with high profit turn out. Here in this tutorial, you will learn how to print T-shirt with traditional screen printing method. This is the simplest way for the new screen printers to learn about how to make t-shirts design. There are other expert level modern techniques to learn for the preparation of design for tee shirts screen printing purpose on this website.

This video tutorial is describing about idea of T-shirt printing and design which is created on simple screen. The stencil is obtained on the transparent medium at first and then it is transferred to fabric or shirt cloth. The theme of this lesson is that make a design on the paper such that the design is opaque for light and rest of the area of paper is transparent this will create a perfect stencil on the screen.