expose-screenLearn here about how to expose the screen for stenciling an overlay design on it for the purpose of making T-shirt printing with screen printing. It is great advantage of screen printing process that you can use it after first printing application. The emulsion is applied and used for printing in screen printing method, and then it is washed to get actual and accurate printing with better result. You have learnt before about how to apply emulsion on the screen. So this is next step in the learning series of screen printing process. There is proper separate process for the exposing of screen, so stay here and learn about how to expose the screen while you are using it in your project. The emulsion takes sometimes enough time for the sake of exposing so don’t worry and give it proper time for exposing. Here you are given some instruction and suggestion for perfect exposing of screen printing. Place the dried screen in reverse way for exposing under light. Generally it is suggested to place rectangular piece of glass on the screen for creating perfect image sketch on screen. Now switch on 1000 watts halogen lamp for exposing for 6-7 minutes. It may takes enough time for exposing because it depends on emulsion application how thick or thin layer an emulsion have. Finally it will be exposed and ready for washing out to get desired print. That’s all was required us to teach you, anyway watch this video and see how easy it is to expose the screen.