Silk Screen printing is one of the designing technique in which a screen is used to print design on tee shirts. In screen printing whether it is any kind of screen printing, tee shirt screen printing, poster screen printing, fabric Silk screen printing, plastic screen printing or metallic surface screen-printing the most important thing in all these kinds of screen-printing and many other kinds of screen printing is “screen”.

Screen is made up of a wooden frame which provides shape and support to the body of the screen it is made up of wood commonly, these wooden screen printing screen cost the least and are available at every silk screen-printing market these screen are the mostly used by tee shirt screen-printing industry but now Aluminum metallic frames are also in use in silk screen printing and second part of body of the screen printing screen is mesh.

Total Silk Screen Printing Steps

Mesh is fabric or cloth with uniform holes on it.

These holes provide the passage for the ink in special pattern made by screen printer and screen printing ink creates design on the any object being screen printed called as substrate. In the old day silk was used as mesh for screen printing and process was called silk screening or silk printing it is still in practice but the most common material for screen printing mesh is synthetic fiber made up of mono filament polyester and multi filament polyester. The mesh made up of these material have more uniformity of the hole and are friendlier to use for silk screen printing.

Mono filament Polyester is the best recommended it has more uniform holes pattern, it is more durable, stretches better than multi filament polyester and easy to reclaim.

Total Silk Screen Printing Steps

There is another type of screens called re-tentionable screen they have ability that they can be put in the retention rollers and mesh can be stretch as tightly as much is possible.

Remember that your mesh should be stretched on the screen to its maximum limits to excellent prints during screen printing. For more details watch this free silk screen printing video tutorial now. And learn the complete process of screen printing here on this website.