Silk screen printing is the amazing and interesting work in printing world. You can start it with a little amount. We want to teach you this technology as soon as possible. There are many forms of silk screen printing like (plastic badges-plastic shields-glass printing-rubber printing-cloth printing-textile printing-etc). But at this time we will teach you that how to print a tee shirt at your home without tension. There are many videos of related this type. But keep in your mind then your print will perfect when you confidential. If you are hopeless then your print will be wrong. In this condition you must be hopeful about your work.

You can earn huge money in this field especially in tee shirt printing. Therefore you want to gain more and more information about tee shirt printing.

The tee shirt printing requires following steps to print out fine T-shirt.

Step 1: Print the Design

First of all it wants to get design for the shirt, the design should not have sufficient stuff that appear rough and create bad feelings on other. Thus always select the specific design that suits your traits and also shirt fabric type. You can also make design at your option using adobe photo shop, it is much better to design for your shirt yourself.

Step 2: Apply the Emulsion

One time you choose the design then put it on the screen, apply emulsion on it. But do this procedure in the dark room. Apply the emulsion on the equally side of screen with scoop coater. One more thing to remember is clutch the frame in erect place. After applying emulsion, stay it for drying in sunlight or screen exposing machine for 30-40 minutes.

Step 3: make the Stencil

When it dries, clean it out with water spray, or other source. Wash the full screen from every corner. Don’t apply rigid pressure because in this way your screen may injure. The screen is actually made up of soft mesh of fabric. It does not bear any edge, anyway wash the screen until it show the stencil. Apply water spray more on the stencil to make it fine looking. The stencil will be dried in 15-20 minutes.

Step 4: Print the Shirt

The stencil is obtained and at the moment it is ready for printing on the t- shirt. But make sure that your shirt is pressed, if not, first press the shirt. Place the stencil in the screen, keeping it up slightly from the shirt. Use paint for the color painting and apply it with squeegee from up to down position. Keep the screen at 45 degree position; at this time keep the shirt in front of heater for drying paint. The painting will be dried in 25 minutes, now it is ready to wear.