Screen printing is one of the most versatile print methods used today and this effective procedure can be used on an extremely broad range of mediums, making screening one of the most preferred print techniques. The screening process of printing can be used on substrates that other forms of print technique cannot be used for.

Though most popularly used for T-shirt prints, silkscreen-printing services can also print on plastic, metal, glass, and paper. Crop that can be printed upon are, of course the ever-popular T-shirt, but also posters, signs, labels, stickers, electronics, and fabrics. There’s small that this process cannot print on, because size, thickness of medium, or shape will not inhibit the silk-screening process.

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And, for those projects that need the extra “look” of something special, this is the print technique to choose. Actually, this silk-screening became widely popular in the 1960s when artists used silk-screening as a way of creating unique paintings.

Many jobs prefer using this technique of print processing because the ink can be more liberally applied to the medium. Also, colors can be varied directly on the substrate giving unique belongings that cannot be duplicated with other methods of printing. Silkscreen printing is often used for artistic expression as of the unique finishes that it alone can accomplish. And, a broad range of dyes and dissimilar types of ink can be used since of the easy application process.

However, screen printing services are labor intensive, so this type of print project is best used on lesser job specifications that need an artistic edge. Having letterhead of businesses cards screen may not be the most excellent budget decision, but reprinting posters, designing a fabric piece, or launching a line of clothing for a work team will be ideal projects for this unique print process.

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The screening process is actually quite simple and only requires a few, pieces of equipment to accomplish a wonderful result. Silkscreen printing companies use a screen of a few type of porous textile, a frame, ink, and a squeegee, or tool to push the paint through the material.

Different effects can be accomplished with dissimilar types of materials and textile used in pushing the ink through the screen and onto the substrate. Reversed, or negative stencils, or image plates are placed on the silkscreen blocking the ink flow to make the desired image. Composition, form, the amount of pressure used and the real blade will also have a result on the final impression on the object being printed. Professionals use technology in accomplishing this form of print, but this artistic print technique can too be used by smaller businesses or even in the garage of the adventurous artist!

When there are specific print jobs that call for this type of process, those seeking silk-screening will want to first determine specifications before contacting silkscreen printing services. If the project is little and in need of a skillful hand, then using a lesser customized screener may be called for. Little orders of Inexpensive T-shirt prints will require a dissimilar type of service than what large sophisticated commercial printers offer.

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Asking the printers under consideration for an example of their work or for an exemplar of the project under discussion would be one way to get a good idea of the quality of work being performed. Silk-Screen printing price structures will also depend upon the style and size of the project. The degree of difficulty, the skill used, the materials required, and the labor or time involved will every play a factor into the quoted price. Also, some substrates are more difficult to print on than others, so this, too, can be a cost factor.

When preparing for a print project of some size or magnitude, be sure and speak with others who have used this form of printing. Getting advice and guidance from those who have worked with silk-screen printing services before will certainly be helpful in creation final decisions.

Actually, getting advice on important matters is Biblical, for the Bible encourages that all situations require the contribution of counsel or expertise. “He that is void of wisdom despised his neighbor: but a man of understanding holdout his peace. Where no counsel is the people fall: but in the multitude of counselors, there is safety.” (Proverbs 11:14) Speaking with others will also give seekers a good idea of what to expect in cost and also referral direction.

There are dissimilar types of screen printing methods, and some use a simple spot process while others have complex spot techniques. Elaborate jobs will require multi-color print options along with other new and technically advanced methods that are used by commercial agencies. To get more information on silk-screening and the newest advancements, browse the Internet where there are print tutorials and articles that explain the latest updates on the technological advancements.