Silk Screen Printing Academy Classes: No issue discussed in here, I just wanted to tell you about my knowledge.

I am a high educate graphic arts teacher and I plan on doing silk screen printing with my classes starting this fall. I have screen print industry experience but no screen print experience. I have watched just about every one of the YouTube videos on silk screen printing I could find and read a many books too. As we all know, being well-informed about it doesn’t mean you can essentially do it.

Ryonet’s classes

Previous weekend I attended Ryonet’s classes and I would have to say I in actuality enjoyed it and would recommend it for those just receiving into screen printing. I was doubtful about the possibility of it being a two-day long sales pitch but the sales aspect of it was kept to a satisfactory level that didn’t feel intrusive. Frequently when asked about cost on items they would say something like… “We sell this product and it costs about ____ but you can get other brands too.” especially low pressures but still there are there to get your business. There were people who already had businesses but wanted to expand to do multiple colors, and then there were others who had never pulled a squeegee.

ryonets printing academy classes

The first day we spent it doing stuff in the silk screen room and then talking about artwork.
The second day we printed most of the day. They also talked about transfer and dye sublimination.

We were taken through the entire practice and given chances to do everything from coating screens to using specialty inks like high thickness, glitter, color fade. We spent about two hours going over artwork, which was especially helpful for some people. The one thing we didn’t do was register multiple color jobs… I am sure if I would have asked, they would have walked me through it.

We had a pretty big classes (20 or so) and there were times I got tired of waiting for others. They had 3 presses running almost all the time with different types of jobs throughout the day. We printed a lot of shirts (I think I did about 12) all from printing on a black shirt using a white under base and then a fluorescent colour, 4-color simulated process, large b/w halftone, 7-colour simulated process, printing a fade by using multiple inks on the same screen, water-based printing, discharge printing, oversized prints and a little poster printing.

We could have asked to see anything else that interested us; the staff was very knowledgeable and friendly. We were provided with a diversity of beverages, fruit, lunch both days, and dinner at a restaurant on the first evening.

I think everybody had a good feel for how to print by the time they left. People came from every over to take this class and I think everybody there felt that it was well worth it.

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