Screen printing is multi dimensional designing technique; screen printing is used to design tee shirts, bottle, kitchenware of all sorts and types, labels, card of all types and so on. In this free tutorial screen printing learning video you will learn how to screen print labels for making labeled paper stickers printing.

    Material Required:

      For screen printing labels on stickers we need following articles:
      A stenciled screen, with the design on it which you want to screen print you can watch free tutorials about to prepare stencil on the screen.
      Pieces of sticker paper cut into the suitable size and shape.
      Colorants with specific chemistry which you can learn to prepare on this website with free tutorial videos.
      A squeegee
      A frame holder which is movable on an axis door like mechanism


  1. Fit the screen in the movable holder with screws etc.
  2. Make a boundary under the screen stencil with marker etc. so that design and boundary are perfectly aligned.
  3. Place the suitable cut and shaped pieces of the sticker paper on the boundary which you drew.
  4. Place the colorant on the screen and the place the screen on the sticker paper.
  5. Coat the colorant on it above the screen with the squeegee once.
  6. Then remove the screen from the paper and then move squeegee backward to avoid stencil holes blocking.
  7. Remove the sticker or label from the boundary and place it on drier’s belt etc for drying. Use a thin and sharp blade or piece of metal for removing the sticker after screen printing.