If you want to learn screen printing in quick time then this tutorials will help you in a best way. Through this tutorial you can learn screen printing in short period of time. You always need of proper design for screen printing and you download this design from different online screen printing sites. This design can be edited in Adobe Photoshop. After this, get the print on paper or transparent sheet. Take neat and clean screen and fill scoop coater full of emulsion.Apply this coating on the screen from down to up position steadily. Apply this process on both sides of screen then dry the emulsion in dark room. Next step is to expose the screen to light. For quick result, place the screen in screen exposing box and adjust timing for exposing. Now it is ready for washing, use water pipe pressure to get desire text artwork.


Apply water pressure until the text appeared. Dry out the screen in front of electric fan. It is better to use screen printing stand machine which contains multiple screens.


The T-shirt companies use these screen printing machine for producing large quantity of T-shirts. Place T-shirt on the stand and then screen over it. Fix the screen with tight clamps. Put some ink and stretch it with scoop coater. The print will be transferred on the shirt with just one coat of emulsion applying. Steam the shirt for a while and now it is ready to be sale. This T-shirt printing process is achieved in record time of 4min and it is great opportunity for you to make further T-shirts with single application of coating and design. The screen printing companies use same way for their T-shirt productions. Watch this mini video about screen printing for T-shirt printing and learn more.