Here you will learn method to make lighting lamp for screen printing, screen exposing. The screen is required to expose after applying emulsion or printing, therefore you keep it in screen exposing machine or stand in front of sunlight for a few minutes.

Besides these two methods, there is another way to expose the screen. This belongs to traditional method of printing where you can make lighting lamp for your own use. The light stand is made up of wooden frame and electric circuit.

Upper Portion

The glass is used for upper portion so that you can view the screen exposing process. The electric circuits maybe harmful for you because of electric sparking therefore take necessary precaution to use it. You will fin the light stand working similar like screen exposing machine.


So in this part of screen printing learning tutorial, you are learning a new concept. There is almost every kind of tools using in screen printing also in alternate shape. You can use alternate tools instead of suggested one in case of average income. There are spotlight in this light lamp which inspires you in working and make it realistic like original with awesome result. There is tutorial having same concept of making lamp light in screen printing.