In this helpful tutorial you will be learn that how to wash out the emulsion ink from a used screen. This is compulsory for obtaining the necessary printed effects on screen and also enables the screen for use again. Proper washing of screen helps you in finding the print on screen. When you want to get print through screen printing process then you are necessary to place the stencil on screen and fit it with magical tape.

emulsion off on screen

The emulsion ink is the source that enables you printing for superior result. The emulsion ink is applied with the help of scoop coater. A thick coat of emulsion ink is the most excellent for applying emulsion; apply it in such a way from top to bottom. When its surface is going to rigid or thick, then keep for exposing. The screen exposing can be done by natural sunshine or warmer, while, in screen printing workplace in advanced countries, there are screen exposing machine. This machine exposes the screen itself with admiration to time setting. These machines have clock to set the time for exposing the silkscreen.

Later than this wash out the screen with water pipe or water spray, you can use whatever you’re on hand at that time but try to wash the screen with water pressure because the pressure will clear the screen totally. One thing that we forget to talk about here is always expose the screen with in time because the little exposing or over exposing may injure the screen and printing result. Here we are giving you several tips about screen printing stencils.

emulsion on screenprinting


The screen with Emulsion
Water Sprayer
Emulsion Remover


1. Take any card board piece and remove all the emulsion from silkscreen
2. Keep the screen beneath the water tape and make it wet. Apply emulsion remover spray to remove the emulsion completely from the screen.
3. When the emulsion spray is applied it needs water spray to wash the screen and enable it to demonstrate the result.
4. Dry the screen with fabric or foam piece
For more detail, watch the video and learn how to clean the screen from emulsion visually.