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By time to time screen printing has also been made more and more advance and easily with involvement of technology in screen-printing process. Screen printing was also called as silk screening as silk was used as mesh, serigraphy for multiple designing colors screen printing. in old days negatives of the designs were place on screens and color were allowed to pass through positive area and screen print the substrate underneath, then blocking of negative design area with hard setting metallic paints was also introduced in screen printing but in early decades of 20th century the screen printing mechanism was revolutionized by the use of Photo-sensitive chemical. Then screens for screen printing were prepared by using photo-emulsion which keep on going better and better with advancement of technology.
What does Photo-emulsion do?
“It sets very hard on exposure to light but until exposure it remains soft.”
Most of the times Photo-emulsion paint is used in liquid emulsion form, which have to coat on screen using mixing sensitizer in it. But now there is another technique available that is Emulsion paper, “Emulsion paper is layer of Photo-emulsion stuck from side on plastic sheet or reflector like stickers and when it is uniformly placed from other emulsion side on screen printing screen and heat is applied for certain time the emulsion get locked in the openings of the screen and plastic sheet is rolled away.
Here in this screen printing video tutorial you will learn from an experiment that how to use this screen printing emulsion paper.

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