In an attempt to reduce the ecological impact a lot of has replaced their paper and plastic throw away bags with reusable polyester bags. While this certainly is not as green as the use of cotton plus jute bags, which are completely recyclable, these polyester bags are a partial answer to leaving green at a very low cost.

Screen-printers around the world are receiving orders for printing on the polyester bags and finding to not just be it difficult to achieve a sufficient opacity to the ink film they are having trouble curing the inks. To this end, a lot of have experimented with water based inks.

These water based inks, are seemingly safer than plastisol due to the information that the main component is water. We drink it water, so how hazardous can it be? Actually it is not the water that we need to worry about, but the lively ingredients of the water based inks that will be emitted into the workplace and into the air during the curing process.Polyester-bage-printingAccording to a new study by the Air Quality Board of Orange County California, the water based inks are actually emitting more VOCs into the environment than plastisol inks.

This video shows a polyester bag being printed with Plastisol Ink. The bags do not need to be ran though the dryer as they can be partially cured with a easy flash unit to a lower temperature. A full cure is not needed as they will never be laundered and the ink resolve hold up for a considerable period of time actually longer than the bag will previous in most instances.

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