This tutorial is sequel of how to screen print custom T-shirts. In previous part, we had prepared our design for final printing with custom method of printing. So in this part we shall only print T-shirt at final stage with single as well as multi-color. Place T-shirt on the stand of Automatic screen printing machine and then put screen on it. Here the custom method for screen printing starts, pour some emulsion onto screen and stretch it with squeegee. You will be familiar with squeegee after reading screen printing articles on this site and other. It is tool of screen printing made of nylon rubber and wood and used for stretching the emulsion. Anyhow stretch the emulsion from down to up position. Stretch it with such technique that it covered all the desired area.

Emulsion Application The emulsion color will be transferred on the shirt after once or twice applying. Dry out the shirt at first before applying more colors for 5-10min. Check out the dampness by touching it with finger tip. Now it is ready to apply different color and it is better to use multi-screening stand machine. These screens should have different types of design of our desired image. Use different colors to bring good impression in your printing. Finally you’ll get final look of your T-shirt.

T-shirt Printing The printing companies also adopt such techniques for T-shirt printing. Although they have to print T-shirts and other products on larger scale, therefore they use advanced machinery for printing to achieve the target. These companies offer their printed products online and run online T-shirt business. Well, after this tutorial, you are definitely in a position to print T-shirt for your own. Because screen printing is the easiest and inexpensive method with custom printing. For more detail about T-shirts or other printings, stay on this sites and get updates daily.

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