Learn here on this site about all kind of basic printing through traditional printing process. Screen printing offers you an easy and simple printing with no extra effort. In this tutorial you’ll learn about T-shirt printing through screen printing. If you are fond of screen printing learning then follow the directions and after this you will definitely able to print different items yourself. The process is a little bit lengthy therefore it is split into two parts; here you are in part 1 in which you’ll learn about stencil-making, exposing and hence printing.First of all you should have design for your T-shirt, or you can download it from any search engine. Get print of that design on paper or other transparent material. Place this design in screen exposing machine and screen in inverse position.

Screen ExposingThe screen can be exposed through traditional method by standing in front of sunlight but it consumes enough time so it is better to expose in screen exposing machine. There is timer along with machine which counts minutes for exposing according to emulsion application. The screen exposing depends upon emulsion thickness.

printing Now get image of desired print by washing it through water pressure pipe. The screen is made up of very soft mesh and it can tear off in hastily so be careful while using. The printed image will be appeared after a few minutes. Now keep it in front of electric fan to dry its dampness for 10-15 minutes. This process is called burning screen and now take it to actual printing. Wrap the sides of screen with scotch tapes and place the screen in screen holder machine with tight clamps. That’s all for now, in next part you will learn about regular T-shirt printing.

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