This video tutorial deals with T-shirt printing process with heat transfer. Through heat transfer, you can dry out or expose the screen with in minutes. But before using this process, make sure that there are many types of transfer papers. This specific tutorial is especially designed for home use. There is an iron sheet inside the device which heats up when the heat transfers from there. Make sure that iron is hot and you should a lot of force. If you want to learn about how to heat transfer from device in screen printing, then follow the instructions told in this tutorial.

The expert recommends you to wash the shirt with extra water so that color might absorb well in the shirt. It will make the shirt colorful and shiny.How To Make A T Shirt With Heat Transfers After first time washing, you can use simple average washing timing. When the shirt is washed or printed, there is a little bit dampness on the shirt which can be dried out by putting it in sunlight or passing from heat transfer device. In case of multi-color, you have to expose the shirt again and again so that different could not merge into each other. For more details, watch this video tutorial now.