Learn here on this site about different application of screen printing. If you are learning screen printing at home, then you will definitely face problems.

This site is here to solve all your problems during the whole process. It is very important lesson in which you will learn how to create an effective design for screen printing. After this tutorial, you will easily create and use this method in your projects. The effective design is responsible of beautiful and amazing print.

The following video is also showing same concept of making stencil. The stencil design is first made up in any editing software like Adobe Photoshop. As you know, in Adobe Photoshop allows you to modify the item shape complete changed, therefore try to create outstanding stencil design for printing.

This is first and foremost demand of screen printing. According to given video, there is stencil which is being applied on the shirt. The bee is a thing using for stencil. You can maximize or minimize the item for best of your project. In this video a pre made sketch is drawn to decide which design and color is looking suitable for T-shirt printing. You are also suggested to do that beforehand printing material on T-shirt. Maybe you got nice and amazing idea through this way as in this video.