Silk Screen printing is the process by which a designer applies designs to cloth, canvas, glass, posters, DVDs and a lot of other surfaces. The designer sets the printable surface in a frame, plus then uses a series of stencils to affect ink or paint, one colour at a time. The final result is an object with some design that you can imagine. a lot of ways exist to learn this process. You should select the one that most excellent fits your budget and learning style.

Screen Printing Commands

Enroll in a class. Many colleges, art schools and local organizations present classes in silkscreen printing. These classes are usually little in size and offer hands-on instruction, which has the benefit of providing immediate feedback or assistance. The teacher will be able to tell you where to purchase your materials, saving you time and effort. Enrollment costs determination vary among organizations.

Learn Silkscreen Printing

Read a book. Many books provide step-by-step instructions for silk screen printing. Ideally the book or books you select should have full illustrations of example projects that let you follow along. Find these books at arts and crafts stores or at a few major book retailer. It is important to check the publication year to have information about current techniques and materials.

Purchase a video. Videos on silk screen printing offer every of the same information as books, but have the added advantage of showing the process in motion. However, to see a method again, you must rewind the video, but you can prop a book open to a certain page for as extended as you want. It every depends on how you want to learn.

Silkscreen Printing

Surf the web. Many websites offer video tutorials on silk screen printing. Websites offer text, pictures and sometimes a combination of everyone. Best of all, most website tutorials are free to view. a few are professionally made and very clear, while others are self-published. Surf wisely and gather information from a lot of sites. If you see the similar instructions over and over, you know they are the real deal.

Buy a kit. Basic silkscreen printing kits include every of the basic supplies and equipment you determination need to attempt the process. These kits often provide only inexpensive, basic supplies and an instructional booklet. If you learn best by only jumping in, this may be the route for you. Be aware that you will create a lot of mistakes with a basic kit, but you will also have the opportunity to learn firsthand why you do a few things and don’t do others. For a little, this education is far more valuable than the cost of a few wasted materials.