This is in fact not to hard to do if you have the proper tools and supplies to build your own silk screen with. This will get about one half hour to an hour to complete (maybe longer if this is the original time you have complete a silk screen)

Things you’ll need:

  • Silk-screen mesh
  • smooth framing kit
  • Or a flat frame
  • knowledge of silk-screens properties
  • screen glue kit


  • · buy the silk screening mesh in the thread count you like to use. Yes buying mesh for silk screening is kind of like buying sheet, when it comes to excellence. The higher the thread count the better it is.
  • · 2

Choose your frame or framing kit. When you’re doing this also consider the size that you are trying to build. You can actually go little on this, but you can too go extra large, it depends on what you are trying to do. Since this is possibly going to be done at house, I recommend a wooden frame, unless you have the good tools to use an aluminum frame.

  • · 3

Build sure you have every the tools that you are going to need to assemble your silkscreen. And a flat surface that is free of clutter. You are going to need a few rooms for this.

  • · 4

Get the framing kit or frame that you have and measure it from top to base and side to side. Write these dimensions down, this is how big you are going to need to cut your silkscreen. The screen needs to be a big as the whole frame, not just as big as the inside of the frame.

  • · 5

Measure and cut your silkscreen. I would measure twice and cut once. This mesh can be kind of pricey depending on the type and quality you choose.

  • · 6

This is the tricky part. You are leaving to have to stretch you silkscreen across the frame. To do this, you are going to attach your screen to one side or end, whichever you choose. To attach your screen, you are going to need to use screen gluing kit. Follow the directions on how to use this properly and safely. Just create sure your screen is flat and straight. No wrinkles along the edge.

  • · 7

After you have one side total, move to the opposite side and repeat step 6. Pulling the silkscreen taut across. The tighter you can get this the better you prints will come out.

  • · 8

Now do the other 2 sides and remember to keep you silkscreen taut the whole time. You are trying to stretch this as much as possible.

  • · 9

After you have finished attaching your screen, let dry as heading for on the glue. And there you have it. Your own hand stretched and homemade silk-screen.