Expose Your Screen with Sun Light: Learn about very simple and general problem of screen printing. When you are printing with screen printing method, then you have to definitely face with screen exposing problem. So this tutorial will help you to solve this problem and teach you how to expose screen after emulsion application.

General way of Screen Exposing

First of all let me tell you about general way of screen exposing with sunlight. In this way you just hold the screen horizontally in the straight way of sunlight and expose the screen. But it is much difficult to hold screen for long time for exposing in front of sunlight. Therefore the latest solution for screen exposing was discovered with electric screen exposing machine. This screen exposing machine has made the worker very easy in exposing of screen.

There is proper timer attached with this box which helps you to adjust time duration for exposing of screen. There is lighting system on the lid inward the box. There is still variation in different screen exposing because of emulsion application. It is because of screen emulsion thickness which takes enough time for exposing. Some time it takes one whole day for exposing if you are exposing the screen in general method. But general estimation for screen exposing is that it takes 20-40 minutes for exposing with sunlight technique.