The method of embossing is extremely easy and cost effective. It is one of the cheapest ways to improve the look and feel of every surface be it paper, cloth or metal even. There is several equipment that requires to be attended to in an embossing project. The metal dies to be used, the surface to be used, the making of the art-work and the embossing details of course.

Embossed Decals

Embossing can include functionality and beauty; Empire can help you accomplish together. Our customer service department can assist you with everyone your embossing requires, whether you need embossed keypads, Braille type, decorative results, LED or pillow emboss… We have the capabilities and knowledge to tackle the toughest embossing confronts.

Embossing – Two Plate:

This system takes a double plate solid image. The female die hits the material on the look of the decal, while the male die hits the material from the back.



The debussing process is the similar as that for embossing, except debussing raises the material around the die impression rather than raising the design area itself. Embossing and debussing are innovative effects that you can use in your printed projects to embellish the piece. Embossing and debussing are innovative effects that will insert depth and interest to your project. This process can be used with colour registration or without colour. The inspired possibilities are endless.

Single plate outline image; die hits material on face of decal, giving the appearance of embossing.

Emboss plus Dome

Embossing makes form and function on keypad overlays, and generates extra emphasis on a printed piece. Doming makes a clear protective lens for the piece. For more info on doming, go here.

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