This is very basic tutorial about screen printing describing how to create stencil for T-shirt. Because of having basic information about screen printing, this tutorial is very important for new users. This site is providing daily updates to the learners about screen printing.

If you are intended to learn screen printing, then take a start from this tutorial and by following other learning tutorials you will become one of the best expert of screen printing.

This is the easiest source of earning with reasonable expenses. Anyhow, come to the point in this tutorial you will learn about stencil making for screen printing. First of all, as you know that screen printing requires a design or stencil.Here we shall talk about very first step of screen printing. If you don’t have a design at yourself then search it at any search engine and get print of it on paper or transparent material like plastic sheet. The transparent sheet is soft from one side and rough on the other. This is the best choice for getting print of design.

After getting this design on transparent sheet, expose the sheet direct in front of sunlight. According to custom screen printing method, keep the sheet in water or wash it with water pressure pipe. This will expose the sheet clearly and excess emulsion will be removed.

Keep the shiny side of the screen in inverse position and cover it with cloth or foam. An important tip while exposing the screen is keep the screen in front of light for right required timing and little excess in timing will ruin your printing. So take great care of required exposing time. The traditional method for excreting dampness of stencil is to keep it on the net for a few minutes before using it for screen printing. You can also use hair dryer for stencil dryness. So the stencil is ready for printing, in second video you will learn how to use this stencil for regular T-shirt printing.