This screen printing video is going to show how to make preparation for the best t shirt screen printing especially when you have just started screen printing whether you do t shirt screen printing at home or at small level business screen printing.

 How to Screen Printing Set up a T-Shirt Printer


Screen printing is very profitable business you can screen print tee shirts, screen print logos, screen printing of cards, screen printing of the posters and t shirt screen printing of plastic articles and screen printing of the metallic articles are all very profitable categories of the screen printing if you have valid demand and supply options and you do advertise you screen printing studio and produce better quality of design, logos and architectures with screen printing.

Here in this screen printing lesson you are just one step away from screen printing you tee shirt. In this lesson you will learn how to make you screen prints regular, clear and smooth on the substrate; the article being t shirt screen printed is called substrate. You will learn how to prepare the surface for best screen prints on tee shirts and other screen printable media.

You desire to tape that one down too because you desire this to be firm and flat by means of some give, that’s why the towel is underneath because you desire it to push up against your screen. You don’t desire wrinkles in any of this because to could totally ruin your print when you do it the first time. The ink determination squirt between the designs if there’s a wrinkle because it resolves cause pressure in there. You desire to make sure this surface is big enough for the screen to you’re doing and you desire to make sure the design is…… desire to make sure the surface is big enough for the screen to you’re doing. That’s kind of a major concern. And that is how you prepare the surface for screen printing.