Maya is best application in industry for realistic rendering. VRay has made a huge revolution in rendering process. We can get more better and realistic rendering results using VRay. Autodesk Maya is fully compatible with this application and we can make our scene more realistic every before.

Video Tutorial

In this video tutorial we are going to learn how to use VRay for rendering an object or scene as realistic as possible. In Maya VRay has its own material and texture for getting better results. We will create material and texture according to our need and then we will apply on our object. Our goal in this tutorial is to get best and realistic results for our render. We will discover advance technique of setting up VRay for our project with global illumination and HDRI reflection.


We have created our object and electric guitar in Maya. We will discover roughly how to create a guitar in Maya. You can create guitar for this tutorial or you get use any of your object for this tutorial. It is good idea to get same object as we are going to use in this tutorial for better results.