We are going to build a temple or a historical building in this tutorials sequel. So, you are going to learn architectural modeling in Maya. We have introduced some common and new techniques for modeling any building in Autodesk Maya. We have started last tutorial by creating temple’s doom and finished the tutorials by creating some upper story details.

This temple is double story building. We have created pillars and roofs. In the second part we will create more details for ground floor and stairs and doors etc.


We are going to build ground floor so will start this part by creating poly box in the middle of our scene. We will adjust the cube by scaling under upper story. According to reference image we have to create shade of main door of temple. Create a poly cube again and adjust it by scaling and rotating at its place. You can use attribute editor for exact measurements. When you satisfied duplicate the shade cube and mirror it and merge top vertices using Merge option. After that we will create ground for temple by creating poly cube and scaling it. We will add some pillars in door of temple by creating poly cylinder. We will add details to our pillars. When we will satisfy we will duplicate them and arrange them in door area.

Let’s watch video for further options and details.