This is another very interesting and informative 3d modeling video tutorial about Polygon 3d torch modeling in 3d modeling and animation software Autodesk Maya. In this 3d modeling lesson you will learn how to model the 3d torch model in 3d modeling animation software Autodesk Maya. This 3d modeling lesson will teach basics of how to set 3d character and how to texture 3d character with polygon 3d modeling techniques in 3d modeling and animation software Autodesk Maya.

Polygon 3 d modeling is very simple way of 3d modeling the very first method which was used in 3d computer graphics for 3d model or drawing in computer graphics was polygon 3d modeling. Later on NURBS and Subdivision 3d modeling were added for expanding and developing 3d modeling techniques of the computer graphics but still the most simple and easy way of 3d modeling is polygon, in polygon 3d modeling technique a simple surface which has been divided into polygonal faces is edited and modified with 3d modeling tools and commands to make 3d model our choice. Let’s make torch with polygon 3d modeling techniques in 3d modeling and animation software Autodesk Maya.



Go to create menu in the polygon menus set and click on the cylinder, then press ‘r’ and scale its size. Press ‘5’ for shaded mode of the object.
Now increase the number of subdivision axis, subdivision height and subdivision caps in the channel box shapes > input, Press ‘Ctrl + A’ for opening the channel box.

Then right click on the cylinder and go to face mode and then select the circular face of the cylinder and then using extrude tool extrude the face inward to model the torch bulb side.

Then model the torch handle and create polygon cone and place in the front bulb side of the torch.
Right click on the torch main body and the in the Assign new material option click on the Lambert and then in the attribute editor click on the color swatch and then choose any color you like. Then press ‘6’ for the texture mode.
Then select the bulb cone and in the assign new material, select the Blinn and then choose white color for inner face of the torch press ‘6’ for texture mode.

For more details watch this video tutorial now.