Product: Peyman Ice- cream

Brand: Afghani Ice-cream brand

Concept 1: Big Idea: Sharing Happiness
Tagline: When someone makes you feel special
Story line: Interior shot of a kitchen, lady is busy in doing household chores. His son enter the kitchen and ask his mother for an ice cream, his mothers ignores him first, he insist his mother for an ice cream then mother smiles and the mother and the kid opens the fridge for having ice cream but they found the ice-cream box empty. A little girl in their neighborhood is watching all this from her bedroom’s window. When kid finds the ice cream box empty he went outside the house and sits on the bench. He is sad. The neighborhood girl comes on her cycle with an ice cream in her basket offers him a ice-cream big smile appears on the kid’s face.
‘When someone makes you feel special’ Peyman Ice cream

It’s beautiful, simple idea. I appreciate it.

Concept 2:
Big Idea: Sharing Happiness
A group of children playing at the roadside, winner will get the ice cream. One of the bold kid wins the game and shouts at his highest pitch to show the other children that he won. Suddenly he stops yelling and moves slowly and proudly towards his reward. Other children are sad and they are watching him going towards the ice cream. He grabs the ice cream opens the wrapper and takes the first bite, children are watching him greedily. He smile opens the box full of ice cream and shares it with everyone.
Sharing Happiness .. Peyman Ice cream

It’s a nice idea more having motivational effects to eat the ice cream. great

Concept 3:
Two Afghani men on the horse, proudly enter the scene facing each other, get off from their horses and look into each others eyes. Start fighting and trying to grab the ice cream, while they are fighting their hand moving towards the ice cream another hand comes off screen and grabs the ice cream take it away. Camera zooms out from the top shot and actually it was a little boy playing with his toys.

It’s little irrelevant, especially the child’s toys thing and do not gives motivation to purchase or eat ice cream.
But three of them are not attractive for visualization purpose. We are going to sell the ice cream so our main customers are children mostly. So fist thing in this commercial should be the quality of visualization because children like to see colorful, attractive and attention grabbing visuals.
I think there should be more attractive ideas for grabbing the attention of kids especially.

Let’s look at some of them,

Product: Peyman Ice- cream

Brand: Afghani Ice-cream brand

If we put a song in background then there is no need of storical scenes. If background is a song then we should run only short glimpse. There may be a lot of glimpse for completing a beautiful song. Song must be written in praise of Afghan Ice cream.
Afghan Ice Cream song is running in background

Glimpse 1.

A kid is running on a broad road in sports costume (or Spiderman, superman etc) clutching a cup of ice cream as he is holding the Olympic torch.

Glimpse 2.

A School bus having lot of children, all children have ice creams in their hands, shouting and eating and jumping and singing in chorus and snowing the ice cream.

Glimpse 3.

A waiter in restaurant serving the ice cream to a family, who is sitting on a table in the restaurant, receives the ice cream with happy faces.

Glimpse 4.

A child is knocking a refrigerator’s door. It opens suddenly and there is ice cream in there.

Glimpse 5.

A rapper is singing on stage and eating the ice cream at the same time.

Glimpse 6.

An astronaut in a spaceship is flying without gravitation and trying to catch the ice cream paste with his mouth.

Glimpse 7.

A kid is presenting ice cream to monkey in a zoo house. Monkey eats the ice cream behind the bars.

If this concept gets approved then there are possibly many, many glimpses for completing a background song.

Concept 2.

Scene 1.

Background voice says,

“From ice age to ice cream a journey to real taste, let’s taste it now”
Neanderthals are shouting in a jungle (watch this video for example) and they all have ice creams in their hands. They are shouting and eating at the same time.

They are standing in front of a cave (a closer view). There is a big box full of ice creams placed there, near to them. But they don’t know about the box.
This will grab attention of the viewers. When our viewers will pay the attention to the commercial, we can change the scene,
Scene 2.
A boy appears from the cave. He is modern age human. Gets nearer to the big box full of ice creams, suddenly Neanderthals see him and become angry. They shout on him. He does not scare and defends himself by showing them the more ice cream.
Background voice says,

“to make people cool and calm, serve them with Afghan Ice Cream. Give them a taste of the ice cream paste”

Scene 3.
A professional ice cream truck or pick up (vehicle) rushes out from the thick jungle and appears there. A charming girl is standing on its back. Raising her hand and waving it in air. All crowd looks at her. She hits the back door of the ice cream truck with her boot and the truck’s back opens. An enormous amount of ice cream packets rushes out and flies in air, ice cream packets are flying in the air and coming to the crowd. Everyone is trying to catch the ice cream.
Background voice says,

“bring the world to the real flavor of Afghan Ice Cream. Lets spread the sweets of love everywhere”