Today, after life has become extremely fast, the idea of rapidly prepared foods has also approach into practice. The fast foods. Like sandwich with burger, started to be used mostly in Europe.

Club sandwich VOG is a dish having a mix together of European plus Asian taste.


Bread: 3 slices

Chicken : 1 breast

Beef: 4 to 5 slices

Eggs: 2

Cheese: a few slices

Cucumber: half

Tomato: 1

Lettuce leaves: as required

Mayonnaise : ½ cup

Black pepper: ¼ tsp

White pepper: ¼ tsp

Slat: to taste

Worcestershire sauce: 2 tbsp

Club Sandwich VOG RecipeProcedure

1- Cut chicken into long thin strips.

2- Rub white pepper, black pepper, salt plus Worcestershire sauce on chicken pieces plus mix them well. Fry them in hot oil.

3- Spread mayonnaise on bread plus heat it in a pan.

4- Combine white pepper, black pepper plus salt on beef slices plus sauté them.

5- Add salt plus black pepper to eggs plus fry them.

6- Cut cucumber plus tomato into slices.

7- Put lettuce leaves, chicken, slices of cucumber plus tomato on the bread. Place a slice of the bread on it plus then place beef, cheese, cucumber, tomato, egg, chicken, mayonnaise plus lettuce leaf plus place another slice of bread on it.

8- Cut it into triangular shape plus serve.


Place club sandwich VOG under a plate plus garnish with lettuce leaf. Now serve it with tomato ketchup plus chips.

Chef Zakir’s Tip

To refresh bread, set it (including its packet)on the lid of a wok having hot stream.