There are four types of societies in walking life form, swarms, droves, gangs and flocks. Let’s travel upwards the graph because after the swarms we will have to observe next type of animals. Most of carnivores’ species are brutish. They survive in gangs. The gang master is always the head of his crew (clan). The lion, a wolf, a fox is actually beast of pray. Wise animals that live on other animals.

They makeup gangs and always live together. Every gang-master is the only ruler of the gang and he is an only dictator of his crew. He cannot accept any partner in his kingdom. The gang of flush eater wild animals robs the right of some other decent animals. As we know that lions, wolves and dogs raid over the deer, cows and zebras. They take action and act in association but with gobble with furious malaise.

The carnivore’s gang master is the master of all females in his horde. He is the only husband of all wives. No one can touch or smell any female without his permission. Whenever he becomes the king first of all he kills all new born due to his lust for sex. He feels very unscrupulous when a guy try to smell a female. He becomes angry and attacks over the female. He wants to kill him. He roars thunderously and nasals his gory teeth. He teaches a lesson of bashfulness and modesty to the females of his gang. He gazes steadfastly at his family females with a lot of rage.  The behavior of a carnivore’s gang is extremely perilous. But it is their nature, their innate habit and spirit.

Type of Societies

Some people have this kind of animal spirit. They want to kill, destroy and finish everything. Their sexual behavior is an image of wild animal. They have a version if their women want to meet someone outsider. They teach the lesson of bashfulness and modesty to their wives, daughters and sisters. But this lesson is not for their sons and for them.

And, thirdly a drove, is a troupe of vegetarian quadruped. They walk together in a drove. They can’t help their brothers and sisters even themselves during the attack of any brute. Droves are grass eaters. They are absconder and want to save from harm themselves by absconding. A sheep, goat, bull, deer, cow and all craven hooves species do not have courage to look into murderer eyes. They just graze and they are unfamiliar to atrocity.

They do not know the meaning of social relations and associations. They don’t be anxious for their wives and daughters. A drove travels from one grassy ground to another. All the members of a drove of grass eaters are not friends of each other. They can’t feel sympathy or heartache for others. They lived together but alone. They feel themselves always alone in a throng.  Their society is not an ideal society. They totally neglect the sexual relation of others. They never try to interrupt or disturbed others during their sexual practices. They don’t make their pairs.

So, we have threshed out 3 varieties of animal societies, swarms, gangs and herds i.e. droves. Each group has special hue of spirit by nature. We have done the discussed types of animal spirits. Are not as it should be as an example human society, humanity did not learn a good lesson from them. But the birds are greatly superior to swarms that are crawling, swarms are crawling animals, gangs are flesh eater animals, and herds are grass eaters. They have an angelic nature. They are similar to earthy animals.

They journey within flocks on the top of heads of other creations. They also lived together but their society has fantastic unit system, a system of pair. You leave twenty birds together, 10 males and ten female. They will routinely make ten units of their families. Their unit is consisted on two birds, one male and one female. Their sexual behavior is also chic and matured. It is not necessary that always a male climb on the back of female. During their sexual practices it is possible that female climb on the posterior of a male. They have equal rights for their sex and food. No one is superior to other. But often the selection of a companion or nest partner depends upon the choice of female bird. It is an excellent way to bringing to being a happy family. We know that earthly animal just like insects;

Carnivores or grass eaters start their sexual course whenever they smell a stench. A deer has an immensely astonishing fragrance earlier then their sexual course of action. But the bird do not use the way of smelling. They are not bounded to adopt the earthly and ugly methods of. They communicate with songs, a non-earthly way of communication. Because, they are not suffering with earth rootedness. They lived like inhabitants of paradise. They sing sweet songs and this way call their mating partners. After a long friendship they make their pairs and start their mating.

Now, look at their attitude of building sweet homes. Both of the members of pair are equally responsible to build their nest and future. The burden on the shoulder of one partner is also the burden of other. They share their pleasure and grief together. They love each other very much. They tickle their partner feathers and kiss with their beaks. The spirit of a bird is UN doubly is the spirit of love. A pair of birds is truly a gorgeous family. They collect each straw for their nest. They look for food together. They hatch their eggs together and they feed their children together.

So, this was bio-sociological wiz scientific analysis of the theory of “earth rootedness and animal spirit”.