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Our Today’s topic is the theory of earth rootedness with modern explanation.

First of all I am going to explain the mining of earth rootedness……..

Earth rootedness mean’s…….quality or state of having roots in to the earth. Its state of benign attached with the earth very formally. What does this make sense? Simply it can be absurd in plants. They have roots into the grounds

Simply it can be absurd in the plants as no because plants haves roots in to the ground and apparently it cannot be absurd the walking life. Apparently we do not see the roots of animals or humans they are not attached to the earth as tightly as the plants kingdoms is but the first forward steps towards animal life is freedom from earth rootedness. Apparently we do not see the roots of animals as I said or humans, they are not attached to the earth? Apparently they are free they are walking life they have no roots likes trees. But first forward steps to words animals life is freedom from earth rootedness.  As famous philosopher, fixation and philologists “Ibn Maskawaih’s” said the first forward steps towards animal life are freedom from earth rootedness.

Theory of Earth RootednessWhich is the germ of consist movement. This is the Initial stage of animalism in which the sense of touch is the first sense of and the sense of site is the lost to appear with the development of the sense of the animals acquires the freedom of movement. As in the case of worms, reptiles, ants and bees, animality reach is its perfection in the hors among quardraps and the falcon among birds and finally arrives at the frontier of humanity in the app which is just a degree below man in the scale of evolution further evolution brings psychological changes with the growing power of discrimination and spirituality un pre humanity passes from barbarism to civilization. I would you like, guy’s watch this link.

I was explain something in psychology ………Earth rootedness is called acrophobia as well affair of one’s home.  But the first most version of earth rootedness…..the earliest version is great Buddha’s theory in Buddhism they chose some practices with colors and the divide different stages of upgraded life in medium of different colors for more details. I can send you link Buddhist site. You can your selves watch the theory of colors for the earth rootedness in that link.

Likewise mysticism is another source to earth rootedness theory. There is already to theory of animal spirit of mysticism of different school or thought in mysticism it is believed that every human has an animal sprit. Called “Rohe Hawani” near Muslims. It is not simple animal instinct but also it is something more than this. But near “old shamans” It’s great power of person which use being developed with the passage of the time when he or she grouses up. But we when forget all these irrational ideologies. We have to consort the modern science for the approval of this theory.

But if will handover, this theory of some specific field of science, like Biology or psychology, they will drag it to the laborites’ it is not of purely naturally or social sciences theme. It’s related to social natural science at the same time and we should to handover research on this special theory to anthropology perhaps I think. All those it is the still unfit for this very unique type of theory, we should sagest some especial branch of science say it…..”Biococialogy” or “social biology” because it’s somewhere in between biology and sociology, I think.

Now we see it! Thru Biological evidence in nature. Look at the tree of life on this planet. The tree of life grouse up gradually from very lowest level to very highest level of life. Plants of formerly attached or fixed into the earth in have roots into the soy if philosophy be told all the capfuls and fallouts onto the earth rootedness. We wrong ideas about the spirit of the human kind as a consequence a Milo of abhorrence and repugnance has been created in human society, if you collect a data how much men and women think like a human, will find out a new thought and that is a animal spirit picture of biopsychological view… each humans has an animal spirit contained by his personal nature, he social character is an evidence as a animal spirit.


There are 4 verities’ of societies, if we classify walking life, from by their behavior on the subject of lust of reptiles; there are four verities of society’s ….swarms, gangs, drubs and flocks. We can perceive these types of behaviors in the human society. Important thing is to see the societies as well as the person’s in human being to the learn about a spirit. The term animal spirit is not so innovative. This term of worn out anthologies the especial of Islamic mysticism, this suitability lets me to make use of the terms animal spirit for a different purpose in mysticism, animal spirit is a kind of a human nature which dos have resemblance with some precise type of animal nature but mysticism dive with the color of divinity.

A see justifies that he knows how to    diverts the animal spirit of a human with the help of nameless methodologies, mysticism, accepts as true that human becomes animal after tipper practices subsequently his animal spirit can be recognize they also believes that by means activate practices animal spirit of the human can be a upgraded again into the elevated animal spirit. Equally we a shorten all types of animal spirits wile studding evolution for example:

There are some people have spirits of swarms by genesis in the same of number of   people behave not unlike while animals by nature study the animal spirit of swarms society.  For lust an hanger after that a compare it human. Swarms are diggers of the lowing the scope out wholes and survival inside the clay in the same way.  As they are breeding graves a wonder for the frusta the heap of graves another virtual from a comeback into barrier chambers the stock of many piles of virtual they are always trod under feet.