This is the last century for divine religions but religious people will remain the same in a new way. Darwin and perhaps Marx will take place of their prophets and evolutionists will become Taliban’s, with shouts and banners reading,

“We want evolution without technology”
“A.I is curse and abomination”
“Go to hell with your machines”.


Watch the movie “Transcendence” It’s the same as we discussed earlier. Syed Fawad Bokhari may remember, I asked him during a discussion, if there is a computer, one day, having all the best from internet, the collective intelligence of every single human born in history, thinking, planning and acting, then what?

God! it’s the time to create real God not just the idols of metal and stone. At last we are able to create it. But then again it’s only the twist of tongue. How’s that if someone says, “It’s not creating the God, it’s just finding him”. There is difference between discovery and invention, I think.