Common Nouns and Proper Nouns.
Underline each proper noun.

A common noun tells the name of any person, place, or thing. A proper noun names a special person, place, or thing.

1.The shirt is white.

2.He bought that book from Andy’s bookstore.

3.We went to see a movie last weekend.

4.Alan likes the month of May.

5.The students visited Washington, D. C. last month.

6.My little sister Amanda gave me a book to read.

7.Alan and Eric are best friends.

8.It takes 5 minutes to go to Oak City.

9.Some kids are playing soccer in the park.


Read the picture below. Write down nouns in the proper category.

A noun tells the name of a person, place, or thing.




Underline the common noun found in each sentence.

1.  The flowers grow quickly.

2.  I like apples.

3.  Alan went to the doctor yesterday.

4.  Erica can not swim in the lake.

5.  The birds can fly.

6.  I went to a birthday party today.

7.  We have dinner together.

8.  My uncle will visit us by plane.

9.  My mom makes very good cookies.

10. We live in a small town.

Write down the correct pronoun in the blank.

1.  ___ walk to school every Monday. (I, me)

2.  ____ had a great party last night. (us, we)

3.  ____ went to the store an hour ago. (her, she)

4.  We should buy ____ a present. (he, him)

5.  Can you pass ___ that ball? (I, me)

6.  ___ Mom is a teacher. (she, her)

7.  ___ coat is very good. (yours, your)

8.  I like ___ story. (him, his)

9.  ___ sister is 5 years old. (mine, my)

10. ___ Our teacher told ___ the good news. (our, us)



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