One of the several ways, upgrading the education level and qualification is that you write a research paper on some very unique topic and get it published in some international journal.

There are so many academic journals around the academic world. You just need to google the keywords, “Academic Journals” and there you would see a list of international journals. That is the reason I am not bothering you with links. With a published research papers you are more like a professor because a research scholar is the most valuable person in present world.

The beauty of being research scholar is that you become the most honorable person in the eyes of academia. You write research papers. You are the one who is contributing in main stream knowledge of the world. If you are already a PHD doctor, it means you know how to write a research paper because you have already written your thesis which is the only major part and purpose of doing your PHD or even M.PHIL.

The question how to write a research paper is not difficultly answered but there is still a very difficult question about writing a research paper and that is the search of a research. How you would chose a topic which is closely related to your own academic qualification and still which is unique? Sometime it is very hard to decide what should be the specific title for your research. However there are some tricks you could employ when you want to select some very specific topic for you research paper. I am going to elaborate them below.

How to Write a Research Paper?

  1. First of all think about yourself, who you actually are? It means there are times when you come to know that your present position is not what you actually wanted to be. For example if you were a baseball player by nature you must have had some special features of being a baseball player in you like “sports man spirit” etc. Now! If you think you are not working in the field you were born for, then don’t try to become a research scholar of your present qualified position, just try your own instinct and eagerness and write a paper which relates both, your present qualification and your childhood ambition. If you follow this principle you will definitely reach the specific title for your paper.
  2. Second trick is take a look at your work and point out the job you’ve been most interested in since you started the career. You would feel that you are competent in your field of interest and you’d also feel comfortable while selecting the topic. A series of so many topics will come to your mind and you’ll be able to decide easily.
  3. Third trick is search the empty space. I mean there are infinite blank spaces in the field of your interest. All you need to know is empty space in the field. It’s easy to find it. Just google the keyword, “the need of research in the field of ……………….” You will find so many gaps that are still waiting for a new research. Also there are pages of some great universities that put their demands online and invite you to become a research fellow or scholar for them.

How to Write Research Proposal?

Once you have chosen your favorite topic you now need to know, “How to write a research proposal?”. There are so many online samples available. You should read them but when you are going to write your own proposal be creative and do something very competent and more comprehensive.

I think the thirst of my reader is not yet fulfilled so I am planning to write another article on the topic how to choose your research topic for your research paper.