Now, life wants a direct vision of reality. All the way through the process of evolution, it is come clean that growth of life rises up just like a tree. It is upgrading instead of decline. What will be the next step of evolution? Will human body get better more? So I sense that the next step of evolution is the evolution of mind, instead of the body. Body will also become more gorgeous, blacks will become whites but the main change will occur in human mind. I am writing a book containing my insights and imaginations about the further step of evolution in human life.

My main theme is that humanity now wants a direct vision of reality, and how it is possible? I am creating a lot of philosophical deliberations. And the main thing which I am trying to depict in my thesis like book is that the stress and misery of the present age will be a ground to the evolution of mind, because natural selection has its own set of laws and the main law is that when obstacles appear against life, Life tries to manage itself according to the need of new environment. And the obstacle of the present age is hypertension, depression, and stress on human mind due to several causes including economical troubles. Automatically result will be the evolution of mind. And what will be the form of the evolution of mind? Definitely pleasure. “Pleasure” can never be achieved without killing the fear of death in human mind. How will this fear be removed? Will Mankind be able to conquer the death or something else? All related topics I am going to cover in my book. If someone wants to share his/her ideas or someone wants to criticize me, then I’ll be very happy and I’ll publish in my book the considerable disparagement and criticisms. Welcome to all.

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Paul says: I don’t think “life” wants anything. I think you want a direct vision of reality. Evolution couldn’t care less.

It is not a truth-seeking style of thinking. It is strict martial law. Evolution absolutely desires next stage. “Wants” means every stage wants to budge upwards on the graph of life. Wish is the only obsession which evolution does have for its survival.

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I would say, rather, that the evolution of the mind (if by that, you mean a better way of describing our reflections) is going to occur alongside the body (if by that, you mean sensation).


Answers of the Machiavelli’s Questions
Machiveli wrote: The best answer I can give is

I expect that the ability to digest lactose will continue to spread through the global population while the one for resistance to small pox will decline. But that required some work reinterpreting your question in a way that made some sort of sense.

I say:

I say: thanks Machiveli. I am happy that you looked into my vision and pointed out many interesting facets. The contemporary human with his attitude of criticism and scientific specialism discovers himself in an abnormal dilemma. His naturalism has provided him an unexampled domination over the forces of nature, but has burglarized him of trust in his own future. It is strange how the same thought have an effect on dissimilar civilizations in a different way. The conceptualization of the theory of evolution, in the world of Rummy, (Persian philosopher, poet, mystic)

Low in the earth

I lived in realms of ore and stone;

And then I smiled in many-tinted flowers;

Then roving with the wild and wandering hours,

O’er earth and air and ocean’s zone,

In a new birth,

I dived and flew,

And crept and ran,

And all the secret of my essence drew

Within a form that brought them all to view

– And lo, a Man!

And then my goal,

Beyond the clouds,

Beyond the sky,

In realms where none may change or die –

In angel form;

and then away

Beyond the bounds of night and day,

And Life and Death,

unseen or seen,

Where all that is hath ever been,

As One and Whole

Alternatively the formulation of the same vision of evolution with far greater exactness in Europe has guided to the conviction that ‘there now seems to be no scientific foundation for the idea that the current well-off complexity of human endowment will over be materially exceeded.’ That is how the modern man’s secret despair put out of sight itself at the back the screen of scientific terminology.

Nietzsche, although he thought that the idea of evolution did not justify the belief that man was unsurpassable, cannot be regarded as a future of man ended in the doctrine of “eternal recurrence” – perhaps the most hopeless idea of immortality ever formed by man.

Machiveli wrote: You are deeply missunderstanding biological evolution if you think any of the above is true. There is no teleology or Intentionality in evolution. Just beautiful complex and totally futile “Red queen effects”. J.B.S. Haldane when discussing fitness (essence of Red Queen Effect)

J.B.S. Haldane when discussing fitness (essence of Red Queen Effect) with John Maynard Smith is reported to have described it as “a bugger”.

Machiveli wrote:The frequency of alleles in a population is constantly changing everytime a birth or death occurs. Mutations are constantly occuring. What on earth do you mean by “the next step of evolution”?

Why we divide Stone Age, prehistoric period or modern age to describe the stages of human civilization evolution? What will be the name after present “modern age”?

Machiveli wrote: please explain?
Even if there were a driver for the lightening of skin tone e.g. decreasing sunlight and or famine resulting in vitamin D deficiency. How exactly would ‘blacks become whites’ ? Some sort of post birth pigmentaion change perhaps?

Do you know that ancient Siberian people desired a sizzling paradise in their tales and hot-desert inhabitants always envisioned a breezy heaven? Now Saudi or the people of UAE are living in air-conditioned buildings. Stretch you lens over the decades and you will be able to see the progress in human environment. Blacks will become whites by changing their environment as we now change for our vegetable industry.

Machiveli wrote:but seriously …What is your academic background? What research have you done? Why do you feel that the world needs to hear your thoughts on evolution?

Because I am sure about most of my insights, thoughts or visions. I want to write such a book because I am a celebrated writer already and have thousands of the readers of my books.

Machiveli wrote:I’m not going to critisise the above since I don’t understand your point. You could construct something along the lines of “our stress reactions to modern life reduce fertility and life span therefore there is an evolutionary driver for improved ability to cope with the stress of modern living” but I fear that ‘modern living’ as we understand it won’t have enough longevity to have any real effect on human evolution (it took 7000 years from the domestication of cattle for lactase to spread as far as it has).

I am in no doubt that we, I mean human, will overcome all the troubles; even they will be able to obliterate gigantic asteroids, if they feel their planet in danger, ever. They will forget their wars and move their weapons towards their collective foe. Think! It was a time when Evolution was happening totally in free state of nature, and now we are able to save the dying wild life, such as pandas like animals. We are able to manufacture new species from already existing life form. There is nothing to make me frantic about human future.

I said: And what will be the form of the evolution of mind? Definitely pleasure

Machiveli wrote:Why? What is the driver in terms of reproductive success or survivability? Statisticaly it is true that happy people do have more sex but I think the causation is probably the other way round.

Because nature knows its needs. Happy people live long because they are “fit”. When psychology will make a stronger coordination with biology, human will himself be able to clutch the wheel of his evolution in his hands. I am not talking about the God’s will. We’ll be able to upgrade our dimension’s concepts one day, I am sure.

Machiveli wrote:clearly it can otherwise neither of us would know what pleasure is.

Pleasure is a sense of satisfaction, fulfillment, and free will.

Machiveli wrote: Why do you ascribe psycological desires to evolution as a process?

A psychological desire of all human collectively is actually the demand of nature. What is the desire of a goat innately when his fur becomes a burden for him due to the change in environment around him? What were the basic experiments of Charles Darwin when he was investigating the difference between the wild and tame lives of same species? Imagine human conscious just like an organ of the body and you will find out the basic thing. You are talking about intentional desires; rather, I am talking about the natural desires.

Machivli wrote: I like poetry, but it is madness to mistake it for reality

What is the character and general structure of the universe in which we live? Is there a permanent element in the constitution of this universe? How are we related to it? What place do we occupy in it, and what is the kind of conduct that befits the place we occupy? These questions are common to religion, philosophy, and higher poetry (Dr. Sir Muhammad Iqbal, great philosopher of the east)

Machivli wrote: idreesazad Your books are mainly historical fiction. Then (randomly) you write one on ‘Harmful effect of inebriating drugs and liquor and the cure‘ (LC subject heading:Medicine : diseases : diagnosis and treatment).And one on ‘the fine arts, music and liquor in the light of Islam. Now you want to write one on the future direction of evolution despite clearly having less understanding of evolution than the average high school stude

Still you pointless, my most celebrated book is “woman, devil and God” or you can find here; and my most famous book “Mysticism Science and Islam” is being taught in in Allama Iqbal University Islamabad Pakistan.
If you are still interested in my profile instead of helping me in philosophical conceptualization, then I am entitled to say that the duty of a philosopher is to trace the uncritical assumptions of human thought to their hiding places not to seek the academic backgrounds of people, you are doing just like “Protogoras” and going to be ethnocentric for philosophy. Perhaps I said in some of my posts in these forums that “philosophy is the religion of legendry”, they never want to break the limitations as a common religious person do for his religious beliefs. I can discuss any of the aspect of Evolutionary theory with you, if you want, despite of my matriculation as you told me.

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