God of War IV: Wrath of the Titans, now in 3D…

Louis Letterer’s Clash of the Titans arrived to negative reviews, divided audiences, and set off a great deal discussed 3D backlash with a hurried post conversion and out of order theatrical presentation. Warner cleaned house for the result. New director, new screen-writers, new beasties, and a leaner, meaner tale. But is director Jonathan Liebesman’s Wrath of the Titans each better? In some ways, yes — the performances are certainly improved, the dialogue sharper, the stakes higher, and the 3D presentation more satisfying — in other ways, no.


Despite its grander scale, the sequel’s story and settings somehow feel smaller, its 3D is still derived from a post-converted source, its creatures and monsters aren’t nearly as compelling or frightening (save one, the Chimera), and its battles, showdowns and clashes are straight out of a video-game. The results are more refined I suppose, more commendable even. But stronger? Smarter? More agile? More deadly? Don’t set your expectations too high. Wrath is just another dose of big, dumb, mythological 3D fun.