Kundun 1997 is a film directed by Martin Scorsese and written by Melissa Mathison on the topic of Dalai Lama. As always a monk finds a child who is incredible. His father gave him the name Lhumo (the protector). While examining the child as right Dalai Lama the monk gave him some belongings of the previous (13th)  Dalai Lama.

But he presents those things to little Dalai Lama and he presents everything in a pair. One real and the other exact copy. He does this because he wants to know that whether the little Lama picks the real Item or the fake one. The child picks all real belongings of the late Dalai Lama called 13th. But the remarkable thing is that the kid picks one by one each item. Each time when he picks the other one which is not real The monk gazes at him with sorrow.

When he picks the stick of old late Lama , he again picks the wrong one first. The monk becomes a little sad and gives expressions that are not good for an innocent child. So the child leaves the stick and then picks the real one. Each time when the monk makes him chose the right thing, the director wants to show that the kid is being exploited by the expressions of the monk.


Kundun Biographical Movie of Dalai Lama 14th’s early life

Also film shows that the kid was arrogant because of his luck. When he was born there were some good fortunes came to his parents. Thus his mother had been giving him extra protocol due to her own superstitions.

“May I be the protector for those without one? May I be a bridge, a boat, a ship, for all who wish to cross the water?”

Dalai Lama is always Budha, and he will born again and again and again.

Although it can be called a very good practice that there is always an envisionment about Budha’s reincarnation in human body. Budhists always find a baby and then tell him Budda’s teachings that are of course good and at the end that kid grows well with wisdom. But the question is there is always a new Dalai Lama but not the real Budha because Budha lived a life that was very difficult and these kids live like princes.

But when first time he tells that his old teeth are there in the closet and they found them, the teeth of 13th Dalai Lama, that time he did actually a complete miracle and writer or director of the movie did not justify it by any mean.

he learns four noble truths from his teachers. His teacher tells him the cause of suffering is pride.

Dalai Lama lectures, “First, one understands that he causes much of his own suffering needlessly. Second he looks for the reason for this in his own life. To look is to have confidence in one’s own ability to end the suffering. Finally a wish arises to find a path to peace, for all beings desire happiness”.

The interesting part in movie is that when it shows the attack on Hiroshima in Japan with Atom Bomb. Especially news video says after the bomb blast there was mushroom cloud ballooned in into the heavens after the bomb blast.

That Time Chines were Claiming that Tibe Belongs to China

What strange thing was the funeral of the father of lama? My God they cut the dead body in several pieces and threw them to the vultures. Also the vultures were waiting there for the funeral already. Then I googled the funeral of Budhists and found that Tibetan do so, i.c. cut the body in pieces and throw it to the vultures.

I was excited about the decision of lama about war with china, but sadly he didn’t fight against Chairman Mao Tse-Tung  and left Tibet for ever. The rest of the movie is a useless bored journey to the india and he is still waiting for the day when his throne will be released from Chinese.

Now, I say about the film that it was good. I rate it 6 out of 10. My collective impression about the movie is that it’s not demonstrating the dignity of Budha but also it’s degrading him a little. However their attitude against wars and battles is always admirable. No doubt he will win at the end who does not fight. In this film I got the impression that Chairman Mao was harsh, cruel, liar, cheater man. On the other hand I have read the story of last Chinese King Pho-ee. He is definite about the grace of Chairman Mao besides he was the one who cost more than anyone else.

Wow! When Dalai Lama says,

“I think there is much common in Buddhism and Communism”

Chairman Mao says,

“Religion is a Poison”.

Very interesting! You will remember it. I swear.

Abu Farhad