A great film on Slavery in America, no doubt American has been capturing Africans and bringing them to America like animals and selling them like sheep but it’s also true that they are Americans who firstly started a court trial and began freeing slaves. It’s America who firstly forbade the slavery by laws and legislation and bore the civil war.

What an amazing film is that. God!!! How cruel was that age, when humans have been being made slaves and sold and beaten badly. Thank God! I was not born in those eras and thank God you kept me away from slavery in this very recent future of that ugly past. But do really I appreciate the liberty of Mankind in my own era? It’ll be the question indeed.amistad_1997

The hero Chinque. Interesting part is where his friend tells him the story of Jesus with the help of pictures and he makes such nice remarks on each picture of the Jesus. I really loved those scenes.

And the difference, the difference between orthodox Africans and modern Americans is also interesting, when x-president lawyer speaks to him and tells him,

“I was a chief”

He becomes surprised by, and says,

“A chief is always a chief even in death”

What a splendid speech made the president lawyer of Chinque. His role was great; he spoke like an all knowing powerful and confident lawyer and advocated the case of Chinque in a marvelous way. His acting is the most catching scene in this film. I’ll always like to see him again and again speaking, walking, drinking , talking and making arguments like this.

And the verdict was stunning,

They cared not the treaty of USA with Spain. The ignored the kid queen. It’s 1795. Let’s speak of the original impression after watching this great movie. Many years before when I firstly saw a piece of this video Amistad 1997 in Encarta the Microsoft encyclopedia, since then, I was in search of time where I could be able to watch it. Today, I did and now I am able to state that,

It’s marvelous indeed. Throwing the light on the long war against slavery in America, as I expressed before that it’s an honor and greatness of the American nation that they lifted the slavery forever from humanity. They took a very bold step and got the pride of real sovereign of the humanity.  No doubt there’s always been a point of view that America has been involved in violent activities around the world. Like one of the Atom Bom’s drop on Hiroshima of Japan.

But apart from all those facts I would like to insist the dignity of freedom from slavery. They fought for years, not for years but for decades. They are Protestants by nature. They have Lutheran courage in them. They fought against slavery and proved that they are the only nation who can understand the psychology of mankind.

In this film I remember the Roots. The great movie series in which I also saw the African slaves captured and smuggled to America. I’ve been watching that long series of episodes for long time, almost one year. This film was like Roots in a sense. But Roots perhaps leads to the freedom of America itself.

Anyhow, the speech of old lawyer on the dignity of humans, and on the piety of our ancestors for the real soul of their morals was amazing, all of it was.

He won the case. Chinque won and returned to his homeland.