Body waxing is a procedure that is used for unwanted hair removal from body. The hair waxing helps you to remove the hair from roots and make your skin smooth and nice. It takes enough time for reappearing after first removal while in some condition it comes back in a week. The waxing can be done in any area of human body such as hand, feet, face, legs and eyebrows. If you are unfamiliar from its uses and don’t know how to use and apply wax on the body then don’t worry, the process is so simple. Take a thin coat of wax and stretch it on the required surface of skin.

Once you have done the job, just remove it with clothe or strip by moving it in opposite direction to stop the hair growth. This act will remove the hair from specific area. This technique was just for simple and normal hair removal. If you have required to remove thick hair, then apply thick layer of wax onto the skin and keep it for drying. When it dried, then don’t use clothes or strips for its removal. Just consult with therapist because it is the best way to avoid from pain. It is the best method for those who have sensitive skin. Mostly parts of human body are waxed for the hair removal except sensitive parts.


There are many advantages and disadvantages of waxing. It is helpful remove the hair at one time. After hair removal, the body becomes so smooth and fairy. The wax effects for log-lasting and the removed hair take enough time for reappearing. Sometimes it happens that the repeatedly application of wax responsible of permanent removal of hair. On the contrary, the hair removal enables you to bear the pain while applying the strip. Sometimes it reacts on your skin and causes of allergy. So consults first with dermatologists about your skin type before applying waxing.