Sometime a tiny fly upsets you a lot. Picture! You are reading an attention-grabbing book or putting all in to your PC, but you can’t concentrate because of a little fly, which is disrupting you again and again, sometime he parks himself on your nose, sometimes on your eyebrow, you chuck him out over and over but he is not going to leave you steady.

It’s common that you become irritated and would like to kill him by grabbing him with swift attack. But you stay abortive. You become extremely distressed, your frame of mind turns out to be rotten and you are not able to do something. All this happens whenever you lose temper. I have come to know after a long meditation that the,

“Temperament is inversely proportional to the tension of muscles”

Whenever you slack your temper your muscles grow to be taut and you are not able to perform a little constructive, since you are annoyed or terrified or excited, in contrast whenever you free your muscles automatically your temper develops into tight. A strong temper leads you towards the success; conversely a loosed temper carries you towards the disappointment and misery. My formula can be experienced, even in the course of very hard situations. I ensure, you will find it hundred percent true. I suggest, sorry to say, if you are going to be submerged into some bottomless water in the course of swimming in a pond or stream. You should free all of your muscles intentionally, and surly you will not sink more, because every human has the skill to swim by nature, but we die often during an unexpected slip into deep water and start hasty and fluttery movements due to the fear of death. Our feet can’t touch the bottom and we flap our hands and cycle our legs hastily and we go down and down into the deep water. Thus, as a result of our haste we make waste our lives.

Commonly say; practice makes the man perfect but I say “Crises make the man perfect”

When I suspect something, I never ever forget to construe further happenings. It has been cropping up to me throughout the life that the parents of my students inquire fretfully for their broods that they are going to be defiant and rebellious to them on account of my teaching, consequently I would think for my part in the vein of Socrates because he was also blamed for that like me.

Plato wrote in his dialogues: “”Socrates is guilty of corrupting the minds of the young” (Plato 3)

But whenever I reflect the end of Socrates I turn out to be frightened of toxic decease. For this reason I plan to figure out my predicament for myself. Sometimes people appreciate me for my extraordinary intelligence and ask me why I am so wise? I reply them with a flying smile, and molded mouth, with the reference of great sociologist Susan Stebbing 1. I repeat his quote in front of them, which I got from the book of a Muslim Scholar, Parvez.

“Our sensations are same as we are” (Parvez 130)

Sometimes people ask me for their tribulations to solve them. I say them I can resolve the problems in seconds, because I never keep my eyes on problems I always concentrate on their solutions.

1. L Susan Stebbing, Famous Sociologist, “Ideals and Illusions” is his celebrated work.

“Keep your eyes on solutions instead of Problems” (Sajj Keynote Address)
Let me to script a solution for such a problem which is apparently unsolvable. Suppose you are Socrates like teacher of the nation in your own point of view and some father of your student has come to you and shouted:

“Good evening Mr. Tribeless! Please tell me what the hell is going on? My son is advising me to give up fibs?? ”

What will you do?

I suggest. You should follow the following steps:

  1. Bring your brain before your tongue and don’t speak until your blood pressure comes normal.
  2. Keep your mouth shut up and offer him a chair to sit.
  3. Call some cold drinks for him; mold your mouth to make a professional smile for a while, not so long, not so short.
  4. After pasting a smile onto him, speak very gently and use very sweet words.
  5. Tell him that you are a teacher of his children.
  6. Remind him that his boy is very intelligent and outstanding in class.
  7. Tell him that his son has a lot of potential within him and his son must be a leading person of his field.
  8. Tell him the duty of a teacher that he is bounded to teach good things to his pupils not to bad.
  9. Tell him that society becomes more pretty if you are more perfect in common human values such as speaking truth, being honest and sincere to all.
  10. Tell him that his son will become a big and respected human one day if he keeps his good habits continued throughout the life.

Actually Einstein told this, for the equations of Mathematics but I am stricken by an equation of chemistry since I occupied the seat on this stage. I thought, I never make a mistake in eating, especially when I am invited in some party I, by no means, forget to keep me up in all matters, I mean dress, health, mood, situations and all other aspects that are necessary for a guest of such a function. But today I am coping with some trouble with my digestive system. I have just taken a glass of apple juice since morning. But now, regardless of my all cares and forethought, I have problem. It is called fate. So with extreme excuses I want to get permission to exit for wash room.

And there was a chortle with applause from audience. Mr. Principal was also clapping for me. My style of talking was bold and humorous. All of the audience took pleasure in my style and granted me the okay to straighten out myself.