We are happier then our fathers

Mr. Chairman! Honorable judges! And respected audience! First of all I want to define a thing, that a good debater never jumps on the stage. But also he sets before the judges……just arguments. And now, I am ready to place a lot of arguments against my opponents. They are claiming that they are happier then their fathers. Allama Iqbal Says:

تمہاری تہذیب اپنے خنجر سے آپ ہی خودکشی کرے گی

جو شاخ نازک پہ آشیانہ بنے گا نا پائیدار ہو گا

My drear debaters!

There is no comparison between the happiest time of our forefathers and the painful age of our own.

Our fathers had a great amount of passions which we have not.

Honor able president!

In fact we, I mean our generation, is living like the animals. We have adopted the habits of carnivorous and vegetarian animals. You know that drove members can not help each others. They run away from the dangers of death.

I say with an expression of sorrow:

بھاگتے کتے نے رک کر ایک کتے سے کہا

بھاگ ورنہ آدمی کی موت مارا جائے گا

 We are alone in a great crowd. If any one wants to compare our father’s lives to us, he must be remembered that he is living in an age…….full of depressions and anxiety.

I am afraid that there is no example in history as we have. We have thousand of addicted young men. They use drugs for their relief. Because, they are unhappy.

My dear audience!

Please! Keep pace with me! Only unemployment is a straight way to suicide in our age. Our fathers were very brave. They faced every thing boldly but we feel ourselves unsecured. We are totally alone in the crowd of stangers.

No doubt our fathers fought wars. They fought with swords but we are ready to use nuclear bombs. They fought battled for their rights but we are fighting for only our best and hunger.

They realized happiness with dry bread and with just an onion. But we want to store more and more for our unsecured and unsafe future. Ahh! I am unhappy:

مقید کر دیا سانپوں کو یہ کہہ کر سپیرے نے

کہ اب انسان کو انسانوں سے ڈسوانے کا موسم ہے

I am really unhappy. Because I am bearing the burden of my so called civilization.

My lord!

I am hearing the cries of the hell. My friends are suffering from a lot of difficulties. As an English poet said:

God has gone back to his home,

Heavens are closed,

It is twelve o clocks;

New millennium is beginning with a dark sun

Dark sun! As my heart

 My respected president!

Our fathers……….at least had been cutting fresh and fine food But, we all are eating………poisons. Actually, we eat the foods and drinks of hell. Look at the diseases of our age such as Hepatitis C, Cancer, Aids, Dangoo fever and bird flue…………it is just like a series of evils.

I think that my opponents are influenced by the thunderous storm of western culture and civilization. They should take care of themselves. They should use their own heads and think that our fathers enjoyed their lives with in a free state of nature. But, we are bounded to boundaries. Even a bird is allowed to fly from one place to another but we are bounded to boundaries. Even a bird is allowed to fly from one place to another but we are not.

ایس تو اگے تو نئیں جانڑاں

کو نجاں بھانویں جدھر جاون

My dear listeners!

Please! Let me to ask my friends that why?………..a human of this age has last his physical age. It was a time when people lived up to hundred years of age now, we have an average age of 50 years only.

We are unhappy due to our materialistic depressions. My father told me that in their times……….there was an environment of satisfaction, peace, protection and brotherhood. Our fathers experienced………. “the life” very well. They realized the ultimate truth of life. And it is, that a true happiness is not connected to the lust and hunger.

A true pleasure is hidden inside the hearts of human. And it is love. Love for all.

In fact! The truth is after all truth. So, we are not happier than our fathers.