“The way to convey”

Communication skills simply mean the way to convey, to convey the messages and interpretations, to convey the view points and meanings, to convey the

Human communicational skills are natural by pre-historical evidences, natural means natural because communication started with vocal transmission when human languages started to become in existence.

In beginnings there was no language; humans started their very primary communications with simply vocal symbols, like “kaa”, “hoo” and so on.

With the passage of time human languages evolved and latter they were very good established and used for communication, till today they are being evolved day by day.

Human languages and their interpretations are the basic sources of communications among humans. Human languages have their very latter version in computer languages because all of them are used to make mor version in computer languages because all of them are used to make more perfect the communicational skills of humans. Thus we call computer languages the interpretations. They are logical codes of understanding the events being occurred in computer.

Binary is the foundation of computer. It’s a very, simple language has only two words, yes and No. all other actions are the result of YES, NO logic. When a statement comes up computer simply does yes or no as he is ordered to do by humans,

Internet is the place where all humans communicate without any discriminations of race, blood, nationality, tongue, color, religion. They use all languages and their interpretations for understanding each other. Today’s humans have great, great communicational skills because of evergreen technology of information which is the peak of human communicational skills.

Distances have been reduced. There are no more miles and kilo meters between people. It’ll be time when people will travel only for visiting some place on holydays because all stuff is going to be on your doorstep with the help of IT.

Communication the human specialty although all living organism weather they are microscopic or like elephant have their own ways of communicating with others but humans are very special in this sense. Humans can speak; humans can talk, as Aristotle said,

“A human is a talking animal”

It’s the other quote; no doubt one other quote by Aristotle is also very famous that,

“Man is a social animal”

Man can speak many, many worlds say in thousands or millions. Although a parrot can also speak some hundred words but they cannot understand the meaning of those words because they are speaking human’s language and not their own. However there are birds (in national geographic) who can exchange 25000 sounds with his family class birds.

Proudly saying that Pakistan is the third great user of internet and mobile in the world on mass level. Pakistan has many great brains in the world of communications. Blights, the owner of Microsoft pull many brains to USA in previous decade but with alas our government is still very backward in this field. It’s the private sector who grew on its own and got progress on its own. It’s now very strong wing of the country but totally private.

We should get developed in communicational skills in by our government.

Communicational skills are the fundamental need of humans and it’s also concluded that with the passage of time as humans have been growing they have been developing their communicational skills. So the demand of today is to get developed in this very critical and important field of national life because if someone wants to live as a nation, as a unique culture and civilization they must produce their men and get developed in the most modern technologies of communicational skills.