Life is shame without aim
Don’t play game without aim
Task, Act, Deed, Fact, Goal and Step
Don’t leave frame without aim
Aim gives life, builds life
None gets name without aim

Praiseworthy, honorable president and respected audience!

My today’s massage is about the ambition in life simply called aim of life. As I mentioned earlier in my poem that no one can get a bit of glory with aimless life. This is aim which torches one’s life and leads him or her to real accomplishment.

Dear Sir!

But, in near past humans has been being influenced by some satanic ideologies like nature has no purpose and so life. What a lame idea is this because life without purpose has no meanings and the universe so. What a self canceling term is this because the word life itself refers us to aim.

Dear Fellows!

The father of modern physics, the great Einstein stats:

“It seems that this universe has some purpose in it but we are unable to find that”

The universe, the nature, galaxies, stars, planets, plants kingdom, animal kingdom, flowers, leaves, mountains, oceans, rivers ………. All of them speak loudly that they have aims. As Quran e pak mentioned,

“کُلّ فِی فَلَکٍ یَسبَحُون”

If universe and all its gradients have purpose and aim then how a human can survive without aim?

Respected President!

A life without aim is a junk of bullshit. A man without purpose is inferior to a stone because we know that a stone has an aim as well. But here is the point if a human has an ambition in life then what should be his ambition possibly?

Here is the question mark

Should we be satisfied with our materialistic and so called white collar goals in our lives?


We shouldn’t be ever!

May be some of my fellows are making a plan to become a rich man buy joining the so called applied fields for obtaining more beautiful and luxurious life. This thought cannot be called an aim. At least I am not agreed with.

Respected Sir!

With due apology I would like to say because I am entitled to say that doctors, engineers, advocates, officers, educators, anchormen and all those successful people who apparently touched the sky of progress and success are mostly materialistic by their spirits. That’s why they end up frustration. That’s why their lives stop at some specific point. That’s why they fail to achieve the true happy life. They forget that there is always a room at the top and they shouldn’t stop their race towards the ultimate goal of life which is indeed to become a good person of a society instead of treading other citizens under their feet.

Ahh!! My goodness! Or badness!

I am not convincing you to have an aim in life like superstars. Of course I am not. I really want to urge you to excel. I really want to make your minds for thinking about the higher and higher sky. If you do so you will at least reach to the sun.

Let me set some verses again before you,

“God made tree and tree gave fruit
Fruitful tree feels proud against bush
Seed are tiny have great ambitions
Palms boom out when tiny seed push”

Dear fellows!

Please listen to me! An aim in life will make you glorious. It will make your life glorious because life demands an endless struggle for ultimate satisfaction. I ensure you if you adorn existence on this planet with some meaning full aim you will find the true happiness.

Respected President!!

Quran-e-Kareem says,

“Nothing has been created without purpose”

Purpose is the only thing which evolves humanity, which evolves our personalities, which evolves us. Unless we are on our way to aim, to our goal, to our task we are useless and a burden on the shoulders of our society.

Quran emphasizes onto the recognition of one’s self and many of ahadees-e-pak also insist to become such an identity in your society which gives you more pace and exposure for your passions.