Status Bar: Status bar displays information while the user is working on an object within a database. NUM shows whether the Num Lock button is on or not. CAPS shows whether Caps Lock is on or not.

status bar and title bar in Microsoft Access

Title Bar

Title bar identifies the application that is running (Microsoft Access). The Program Control Icon imagesappears on the left-hand side of title bar. The user can click to display a menu of commands for controlling Access window. The MinimizeMinimize-icon, Maximizemaximize icon /Restorerestore_icon and Close close buttonbuttons appear on the right-hand side of Title bar. These buttons are sued to control MS Access window.

MS Access window

Describe the use of menus and scrollbars.


The headings on menu bar represent the groups of related commands. A drop-down list of commands appears under the heading when a menu is activated. The menu is closed when a command is selected from the list. A menu command can be selected through mouse or keyboard.

Scroll Bars

Scroll bars are used to move around the window if its contents do not fit on screen scrolling is performed by clicking the scroll arrows at either end of scroll bar. The user can also drag the scroll button on scroll bar. The scroll button on scroll bar changes its size in proportion to the overall size of data on the sheet.

Describe the database window in Microsoft Access.

The database window in Microsoft Access.

The database window in MS Access is used to organize all objects in the database. It contains its own title bar and toolbar. Database window is divided into two parts. The left side of database window contains seven buttons. Each button indicates different type of object used to develop database application. The right side of database window displays the list of different objects. Different buttons in the database window are as follows:

  1. 1.       Tables

It is used to create, modify and manipulate tables. The tables are used to store data in the database.

  1. 2.       Queries

It is used to create queries. Queries are used to retrieve data from database.

  1. 3.       Forms

It is used to create forms. Forms are used to enter data in tables easily using graphical user interface. The form consists of buttons, textboxes and lists etc.

ms access

  1. 4.       Reports

It is used to create reports. Reports are used to display the information from database in different ways. The reports are used to make important decisions. The reports can be based on tables or queries.

  1. 5.       Pages

It is used to design data access pages. The data access pages are used to display the Access data on the web.

  1. 6.       Macros

It is used to create macros. The macros are used to perform same sequence of steps quickly and automatically. It automates different tasks repeatedly.

  1. 7.       Modules

It is used to create modules. A module contains an object that stores the code of VBA (Visual Basic for Applications).