TCPIP stands for transmission control/internet protocol. It is the protocol used by every computer on internet. A protocol is a set of rules and procedures that defines how computer receive and transmit data over the network.

TCP/IP ensures reliable connection between different computers that communicate over internet. It is used to identify every computer on the internet separately.

TCP/IP software is different for different computer but provides same interface to the network. Two different type of computer can communicate with each other using this protocol. For example, a personal computer can exchange data a with mainframe computer over the internet by using TCP/IP.

Short Note on TCP/IP

What are various lines for communicating over telephone network?

Different lines for communication over telephone network are as follows.


  1. ISDN

ISDN stands for Integrated Services Digital Network.

It is a set of standards for digital transmission of data over standard copper telephone lines. One telephone line can carry three or more signal at one time using the same line. ISDN modem is different from dial-up modem.

  1. DSL

DSL stands for digital subscribe line. It provides high-speed data transmission over existing telephone lines. The existing telephone lines are analog. That is why, DSL modem is required to connect to DSL. DSL is easier to install than ISDN and is also faster.

Briefly discuss different methods of Ethernet to access network.

Different stands access methods used by Ethernet to access a network are as follows:


It is local area access method. It resolves the contention between two or more stations by collision detection. If two stations transmit data at the same time, they both stop and generate a signal that a collision has occurred. Each station waits for a specified time and then retransmits. Each stations waits for random period of time to avoid another collision.


In this method, a node listens to the bus for a specified time before transmitting. It waits until the node has completed the transmission.


It allows multiple devices to talk at the same time. A protocol is used to determine the priority of a devise.

what is internet?

Internet is a huge collection of computers all over the word that are all connected to one another. It is a global network of computer. These computers are connected through different telecommunications links like.

  1.  Phone lines
  2.  Fiber optics lines
  3.  Satellites and wireless connections

Internet is used to find information stored on the computer called hosts or server. These computers use a common protocol called TCP/IP for communication. TCP/IP stands for Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet protocol. Each computer connected to the Internet can act as host. A host computer provides information to the people.

People can find information about books, magazines, encyclopedia and other types of material on the internet.

They can get expert opinions on any topic. They can also communicate with world community on different subjects. The internet has made this world a global village.