I saw three of the forums some days ago when they made me admin. All three of them don’t have their group emails. I think without a group email a group can never send a message to all group members in one click. I felt this weakness but I did not tell about because I thought maybe they know but they don’t feel any need of a group email.

But I will insist to create a group email for Alif if you like to, because when we’ll send the message of a new event we’ll have to no botheration of choosing the people one by one form new message option. Also when a all Poems or Ghazals are ready we can send all of them to all of the members of a group with one click. It’ll be very useful coz all members of a group will know that what creative material is coming up in Alif day by day.

Here is a little tutorial,

I made it for you. I don’t have the courage to create a group email by myself. That’s why I made this tutorial for you. Please follow the steps and create a group email for Alif.

1. Go to the Alif group,
2. Find the Edit Group in right panel of the group page,


3. Click the Edit group and you will find the following image,
4. Click the Set Up Group Email Button,


5. Here you should give a username for the group email. Say it “Alif”.

username for the group emailNotice ! you may read the line which I pointed with a red hand. Email sent to this group will go to all group members.
It’s necessary thing I think.
Sorry if you already knew that.
Your very own,